Free Brush Set #30: Keyboard Keys

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Free brush set: Grungy, old and dirty keyboard keys

Old stuff are great. I didn't know keyboards back then were real heavy. The keys even had that nice clicking sound to it. Anyway, the keyboard I found was really dirty and I thought it even had a nice grunge effect. So, I decided to take some pictures and make some brushes out of it.

5 Cracked and Chipped Paint Textures

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Free cracked and chipped paint textures

Here's a texture pack of 5 high resolution images of cracked and chipped paint. These are great for adding grungy or weathered effects. Hope you like them. Enjoy!

Free Brush Set #29: Footprint doodles

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Free Photoshop Footprint Brushes

I doodled some footprints on my sketchbook so now I got this nice set of brushes. I used a ballpoint pen in making them so if you look at the max size of the brushes, you'll see some nice rough textures created from the pen strokes and paper. I kept the edges of the brushes somewhat rough cause of the sketchy effect it gives.

Free Brush Set #28: Crosshatching, Fabric

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Crosshatching and Fabric Photoshop Brushes

Another brush set here! This is a pretty fun set. It has 6 brushes you can use for crosshatching, shading and other special effects.

The last three brushes in this pack were taken from a piece of fabric. Aside from using it for cloth texture, you can use them for crosshatching as well.

Just experiment and have fun with it! As you will see below, they look pretty good for lettering too. Well, hope you like this set. Enjoy!

Free Brush Set #27: Grunge, Dirt

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Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes

Hello!! How are you doing? Man it's been a while since I last posted.. and I just realized that I haven't really thanked you but yeah, I just want to say thanks for all the support you guys! For sharing my links and for buying my stuff. THANKS A BUNCH!

Aaand here's a new brush set! Yes its another grunge-ish pack but the effect is really awesome so I thought this is worth sharing.

Free Brush Set #26: Assorted Grunge Effects

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Free Grunge Photoshop Brushes

I'm back with a new brush set! These brushes give a really great grunge effect mixed with urban decay or perhaps a post-apocalyptic feel to it.

Most of these brushes were taken from rusty metal pieces and old computer parts so you can use it also for tech effects. The original brushes are enough for you to achieve a grunge effect but I also included customized versions which amps up the dirt, grunge and post-apocalyptic style. I guess these are best used for backgrounds or accents.

It's been a while since I last posted so I hope you guys enjoy this free brush pack. Enjoy!

Split Image for Printing on Multiple Pages using Photoshop


Split an image for printing on mutiple pages.

For a couple of times, I've been asked to print huge pictures using a regular home printer so that I would first have to split the photo into parts. At first I thought it was going to be simple but then I realized that I need to consider an overlap in each of the sections so that they can be glued together.

So in this tutorial, I'll share the steps I took in using Photoshop to split an image into multiple pages (layers) such that each of the sections will have an overlap for you to easily put your poster together.