Free Brush Set #23: Screws

Free Screw Brushes for Photoshop

Hello! Here is another set of brushes. Inside are all sorts of screw heads. Most are old, dented and rusty ones - great for grunge effects. I've also added a cleaner version for some of the brushes to give them a less worn look. Aside from screws I also threw in some extra nuts and washers.. Anyway as always, hope you find these useful. Enjoy!


  • Created in: Photoshop CS3
  • Number in Set: 16

What's Inside


  • Rotate the brushes (Window » Brushes or F5) to get variation with the screws. Just note that its highlights and shadows will also be rotated, which can produce inconsistencies on your lighting.
  • Try adding a Drop Shadow and/or Bevel and Emboss layer effect.
  • Experiment on duplicating the layers for the screws and adjusting its blending modes.

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  1. Wow! Great site. I am impressed with all of your work. Thank you so much for sharing!