Terms of Use

All resources and tutorials in this blog are my works (unless otherwise specified). You may use them for free for your personal or commercial projects. By downloading and using these works, you agree to the following:

What you CAN do

Use my brushes, textures and stock images in any way you need to. These are free for you to use, adapt and modify.

You can sell works you have created using my brushes, textures, stock images and tutorials but please follow my policy on redistribution below.

You can create and sell remixes of the brushes, textures and stock images but this does not apply to minor changes like removing the background and changing the size or color. Just send me an email if you need clarification.

What you CANNOT do

• Do not steal my work or claim them as your own.

• Do not sell my brushes, textures, stock images and tutorials. I have created this for free and would like it to stay that way.

• Do not copy and/or translate my tutorials and post them online. This includes the images I created and used in making the tutorial. You may use excerpts as long as you link back to the original post.


Please do not redistribute my brushes, textures, stock images in its unaltered form. This includes uploading them elsewhere and providing download links for it and including them in a bundle or package for distribution (i.e. brush packs, texture packs).

Instead, share my works by linking to my blog Hello streetlight! (hellostreetlight.blogspot.com). Do not link directly to the file itself (i.e. direct download link).


I only require attribution if you use an excerpt from my tutorials. Other than that, you don't have to credit me. I wouldn't mind at all. But if you really want to, a simple link back would be most appreciated!

If there is anything else you need to know, just drop me a message.