Free Brush Set #01

This is rather experimental. It's my first time to make a brush of this kind so I hope you like it. It is actually a flower but it also looks good when used for smoky/smoggy effects. The brush settings I applied here uses pen pressure so you might have to adjust the brush size and opacity manually if you are using a mouse.

Anyway, this is the first brush I released in this blog (or anywhere else!). Hopefully, you'd find good use for it. I'd appreciate any feedback too. Enjoy!


  • Created in: Photoshop CS3
  • Number in Set: 1


  • To get the smoky effect, set the opacity to as low as 10% and slowly paint in the layers of the smoke.
  • Try adding Color Dynamics to the brush settings. I managed to get a nice floral effect using a red color for the foreground and white for the background.
  • Just experiment with the settings and have fun!

Customized photoshop brush for adding floral effects. Added Color Dynamics to customize the effect.

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